A Theological Discussion Outlining the Authority of Words and Speech in the Spiritual and Physical Realms

It is important that we understand the power of the tongue and the impact that what we say out of our mouths have on our lives. This understanding will open our eyes not only to the spiritual implications of the power of words but the scientific evidence to support the impact of words and vibrations on the physical world around us. The Power of Words will take us through a journey of theological discussion and scientific data that could potentially build a bridge between our views of spiritual belief and science. Travel with me down this path of enlightenment and see how you can potentially unlock a power within you that you never acknowledged before or knew was there. The Power of Words, The power is yours. JW.

building resilience in the community

Sharing resources, educating and assisting our neighbors is an important part of building resilience in our community.

It is important that we engage with a "whole community" approach in how we address disasters. the more knowledge and information that we can obtain and share with our neighbors the more we can limit the impact of disasters on our community as a whole. It is our goal to spread the word and educate as many people as possible about the importance of building individual resiliency that can lead to community resilience and make our world a safer place.